WRAP Around Care

Not everyone is able to be an adoptive, foster or Safe family. However, these families can’t do it without hands-on support.

WRAP Around Care is a program that serves and supports adoptive, foster and Safe families through connecting, encouraging and equipping. Caring for vulnerable children comes with unique challenges that can be formidable and isolating at times. The heart of WRAP Around Care is to make sure our families feel known and supported. 

There are several parts you can play in volunteering with WRAP Around Care. We encourage you to prayerfully consider the area(s) that you are most passionate about. 

W - Wrestle in prayer and encouragement 

R - Respite and childcare 

A - Acts of service (such as meals, home and lawn maintenance and errands) 

P - Practical resources 

Our adoptive, foster and Safe families are also often in need of a Family Advocate. In this role, you get to act as a voice for the family, communicating and coordinating to meet their needs.